Heritage Palms Veterans Association


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About Heritage Palms Veterans Association

HPVA is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All donations to HPVA are tax Deductible.

HPVA Board Officers

Commander: Rich Jenkins USAF
Vice Commander: Paul O'Connell USMC
Quartermaster: Bill Brophy USAF 
Secretary: Steve Hall USA 

HPVA Board Committee Chair

Finance and Audit Committee: Bob Dethlefsen USA  

Membership & Election Committee: Mike Brake USAF

Health & Welfare Committee: Roger Moyer USAF

Fund Raising & Charitable Contribution Committee: Richard Crawford USMC

Publicity Committee: Currently Vacant

Web Master: Andy Jarabak USN

The purpose of HPVA shall be as follows:

A. The HPVA was by members of the Heritage Palms Golf & Country Club who served in the U.S. Military or its Allies during time of War or Peace and received an Honorable Discharge.

The primary purpose of the HPVA will be, through social activities and other fund-raising events, to raise funds to assist US military veterans suffering from injuries or disabilities related to their military service.

B. The HPVA will also offer financial contributions to existing charitable organizations that aid US military veterans.

C. The HPVA will offer financial support to any activity that perpetuates the memory of any veteran from Southwest Florida who died while in the service of the US Military.